Precios Especiales

Marco Combo

Marco Combo $3200 FOB Miami

Shinn Nippon Lensmeter

Shin-Nippon Manual Lensmeter $550 FOB Miami

Topcon ACP 8

Topcon ACP-8 Chart Projector Remote Control and Wall Mount $900 USD

SL Woodlyn

Slit Lamp Woodlyn $1695 USD

Burton Phoropter

Burton Phoropter Refurbished $1950 USD

Topcon SL_E

Topcon SL 2E Slit Lamp $1800 USD

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-26 at 11.10

Carl Zeiss 30 SL-M Slit Lamp $1450 USD

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SL Woodlyn

Slit Lamp Woodlyn $1695 USD

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